Bachelor's degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering

Objectives and competences

The Graduated in Energy and Sustainability Engineering proposed by the UdL, corresponds to the profile of a professional with an integrated vision of energetic systems, with capacity to design, optimise and manage the generation, transport, distribution, storage and production systems. These graduates will be able to design and advice administrations and private entities in the energy policies to be implemented, applyeng criteria of sustainability and overall efficiency. Likewise, thes professionals will lead the R+D in the energy sector. In sum, the profile of the Graduated in Energy and Sustainability Engineering corresponds to a professional with a strong scientific fundamentals and that it is able of making decisions based on technical and sustainability criteria.


  • Energy companies (electricity, water, gas).
  • Technical management in companies with intensive use of energy.
  • Engineering, consulting, certification companies.
  • To conduct environmental impact assessments, energy efficiency studies, etc.
  • Renewable energy sector.
  • Public administration.
  • Teaching and research.

It should be noted that graduates in Energy and Sustainability Engineering will be able to access to the Master in Industrial Engineering taught at the EPS, enabling the profession of industrial engineer.

To obtain this professional profile the institution offering the degree must ensure compliance with some objectives and an acquisition of some competencies. You can find the list of competencies and objectives at the following link: Table of Competences