Bachelor's degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering


Academic profile: Doctorate


Teaching Course Subject
Doble titulació: Eng Mecànica i Eng. de l'Energia i Sostenibilitat 3 ASSESSMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT
Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering 3 ASSESSMENT OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT
Degree in Mechanical Engineering 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS
Degree in Energy and Sustainability Engineering 4 BACHELOR'S THESIS


Research profile: SEMB (Sustainable Energy, Machinery and Buildings)
Research projects Start date End date Main researchers
Demostració experimental i viabilitat comercial d'un sistema universal i energèticament eficient de refredament 01/05/2019 31/10/2020 JEROME BARRAU
Refrigeración bifásica con elementos autoadaptativos en sistemas de microelectronica 01/09/2022 31/08/2025 JEROME BARRAU , MANEL IBAÑEZ PLANA
Receptor solar de concentración hibrido termo-fotovoltaico para la generación de hidrogeno verde de muy alta eficiencia 01/12/2022 30/11/2024 JEROME BARRAU , JOAN IGNASI ROSELL URRUTIA
Thesis Year Direction
Energy Efficient Active Cooling in Advanced Microelectronic Systems 2019 Jérôme Barrau, Joan Ignasi Rosell Urrutia
Publications Year Authors Type
Design and test of shape memory alloy fins for self-adaptive liquid cooling device, 2022 Regany, Desideri; Majós, Francesc; Barrau, Jérôme; Rosell, Joan; Ibáñez, Manuel; Fréchette, Luc G.; Vilarrubí, Montse Article d'investigació
Thermal analysis of a MEMS-based self-adaptive microfluidic cooling device 2021 Sisó, G.; Rosell Mirmi, J.; Fernández, Á.; Laguna, G.; Vilarrubi, M.; Barrau, J.; Ibañez, M.; Rosell Urrutia, J. Article d'investigació
Experimental characterization of a self-adaptive shape memory alloy cooling approach to regulate temperature under varying heat loads 2019 Vilarrubí, M.; Morell, G.; Rosell, J.; Fréchette, L.; Barrau, J. Article d'investigació
Impact of the Self-Adaptive Valve Behavior on an Array of Microfluidic Cells under Unsteady and Non-Uniform Heat Load Distributions 2019 Laguna, G.; Vilarrubí, M.; Ibañez, M.; Rosell, J.; Badia, F.; Azarkish, H.; Collin, L.M.; Fréchette, L.; Barrau, J. Article d'investigació
Experimental and numerical study of micro-pin-fin heat sinks with variable density for increased temperature uniformity 2018 Vilarrubí, Montse; Riera, Sara; Ibañez, Manel; Omri, Mohamed; Laguna, Gerard; Fréchettec, Luc; Barrau, Jérôme Article d'investigació
Dense array CPV receivers: Impact of the cooling device on the net PV output for different illumination profiles 2018 Gerard Laguna; Montse Vilarrubí; Alvaro Fernàndez; Gonzalo Sisó; Joan Rosell; Manel Ibañez; Josep Illa; Ferran Badia; Luc Fréchette; Maxime Darnon; Louis Michel Collin; Alain Dollet; Jérôme Barrau Article d'investigació
Assessment of the impact of non-uniform illumination and temperature profiles on a dense array CPV receiver performance 2018 Fernández, Álvaro; Laguna, Gerard; Rosell, Joan; Vilarrubí, Montse; Ibañez, Manel; Sisó, Gonzalo; Illa, Josep; Barrau, Jérôme Article d'investigació
Numerical parametric study of a hotspot-targeted microfluidic cooling array for microelectronics 2018 Laguna, G.; Vilarrubí, M.; Ibañez, M.; Betancourt, Y.; Illa, J.; Azarkish, H.; Amnache, A.; Collin, L.M.; Coudrain, P.; Fréchette, L.: Barrau, J. Article d'investigació
Smoothing effect of the thermal interface material on the temperature distribution in a stepwise varying width microchannel cooling device 2017 Riera, S.; Barrau, J.; Rosell, J.I.; Fréchette, L.G.; Omri, M.; Vilarrubí, M.; Laguna, G. Article d'investigació
Distributed and self-adaptive microfluidic cell cooling for CPV dense array receivers 2017 Laguna, Gerard; Barrau, Jérôme*; Fréchette, Luc; Rosell, Joan; Ibañez, Manel; Vilarrubí, Montse; Betancourt, Yina; Azarkish, Hassan; Collin, Louis-Michel; Fernandez, Alvaro; Sisó, Gonzalo Article d'investigació
Time domain detection of pure vowel sounds for simplified computer interaction 2014 Vilarrubí, M.; Tresanchez, M.; Martínez, D.; Moreno, J.; Garriga, J.A.; Clarià, F.; Julià, J.; Palacín, J. Article d'investigació
Time domain detection of pure vowel sounds for simplified computer interaction 2014 Vilarrubí, M; Tresanchez, M; Martínez, D; Moreno, J; Garriga, J.A.; Clarià, F; Julià, J.; Palacín, J Acta congrés